Most Durable Fabrics Used for Manufacturing Protective Car Covers

Protective car covers are made from various materials depending on how they are used in the car. Options when buying a protective cover can be between indoor and outdoor use.

These options can also be found to be made from different materials. Read this article to learn more about the best materials to suit various needs.

Plastic Covers

Plastic covers are extremely waterproof and stand as the most popular material choice for protecting a vehicle from rain. They are also known to be lightweight and easy to use. Although it protects from rain and water, it can trap moisture inside, which could ultimately damage a car paint job if not dried in extremely cold seasons.

Polyester or Cotton Car Covers

These covers are made from either polyester, cotton, or a mixture of both. They are known as highly breathable covers, which help to prevent moisture from getting trapped on the cars finish.

When choosing a polyester or cotton cover, it is important to choose one which is also treated with some water-resistant materials as the standards of poly and cotton covers are not waterproof.

Breathable Covers

Breathable covers are made from intricately woven materials such as polyester or acrylic microfiber, which allows air to flow through between the cover and the automobile finish. This protects the car from moisture being trapped.

These covers are water and UV resistant, resulting in even more protection. In some cases, cotton is also incorporated into the mix, which can help with sun and waterproof protection.

All these options are sufficient in protecting a vehicle from various elements and extreme weather. Depending on whether a car is stored outdoors or indoors, some choices will work better for individual needs.

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